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Buy Real Marketing Review

Buy Real Marketing feels professional but doesn't deliver on the same level as many of the other sellers. The quality of followers is better than egg-accounts but not always by much. If you're only worried about the number by your name, you shouldn't necessarily rule this option out. However, if you need your followers to seem like real people, you may want to keep looking.

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Company: Buy Real Marketing
Services: Followers, retweets, other services
Language: English
Price: starts at $9 for 1,000 followers
Overall Usability Price Delivery Quality
4.0 5.0 4.8 4.9 3.5

Buy Real Marketing: An Expert Analysis

Follower Quality

The follower quality offered from Buy Real Marketing isn't at the same level as some of the other suppliers. Fortunately, you're not getting egg-accounts but that doesn't mean you can't tell they're fake. On many of the accounts, the account information is in a foreign language or not filled out at all, they did not have cover photos and just don't feel real. As you can see below, these profiles can stick out if somebody were to look through your followers.

Delivery Time

Buy Real Marketing is one of the slower supplies to complete your service. Although they do offer an estimated delivery time, they don't have estimates on when your service will start. In our test, our package didn't start for 12 hours, similar to Devemi, but it was completed in the time frame they provided.

Retention Rate

After digging through their website, we could not find an add-on to purchase a plan that guarantees follower protection. The only add-on that we could find was a staggered delivery. That being said, we have only seen a small drop-off over the past couple of months since we purchased their package. It would have made us feel better though if we knew we had a guarantee.

Customer Service

Similar to their retention rate, it was not apparent whether or not they offered 100% Money-Back Guarantees. Although they lack this information, Buy Real Marketing makes it very clear how to ask for help and also is the only company in the top five that offers phone support. We never called them as their email support was very helpful and is available 24/7. 


Buy Real Marketing comes in at our #2 spot as it has offers high quality customer support and overall have very minimal problems with. The quality of followers, delivery time and retention rate, are all high quality but the lack of guarantees and other soft benefits that others offer will make you want to consider using a different service.

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