Increase Followers On Twitter

Over the past couple of years, Twitter has become the new platform for Online Marketing. Instead of annoying advertisements on websites that might reach your target audience, platforms like Twitter, can ensure that you are reaching them. In 140 characters or less; businesses, organizations and individuals can share information that they feel is important to their target audience. You might ask, how is this possible? Is it really that easy? There are multiple answers to these questions, and luckily, we have done our research and are ready to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


Our Top 3 Places to Buy Twitter Followers

  • 1st
    • Best Quality
    • No Password
    • 5-Year Guarantee

    Fast Followerz is our number 1 choice for twitter followers. Great accounts, great retentions, fantastic customer service.

  • 2nd
    • High Quality
    • No Password
    • Quick Delivery

    Devumi is a great option for followers. Their website doesn’t feel as professional as the others but they perform at the highest level.

  • 3rd
    • Reliable services
    • Instant followers
    • No password

    Offered some of the best followers we received. Not a perfect experience, but definitely worth checking out.

Why are Followers Important?

Successful Twitter accounts live and die based on their following. On Twitter, the number of followers you have is you’re primary sign of importance and relevance. It signals that you have a voice that people are listening to. Followers create a level of credibility that many brands hopelessly aspire to. Using followers to establish yourself as an authority while producing quality tweets, has proven to be a recipe for success, time, and time again.

For this example, we have just created a new Twitter account for your business

Problem #1 – You start with nothing  

After you’ve chosen your username, password, and verified your account; you might think, what do I do next? As you start poking around, you will quickly find that you have to follow other accounts for them to pop up on your news feed. You realize, if I don’t have followers, who is going to see my valuable information? The answer is, no one.

Most users will take the organic approach, following friends, family, searching hashtags, etc. They’ll find that their following is growing, ever so slightly. After awhile, you will see some success, one to five followers per day.

But, you want more. You need more.

Growing your Twitter organically, can take years to achieve. Luckily, there are services out there that will give you the same upper-hand that thousands of successful businesses and individuals are taking advantage of. After years of research, we have found that the sites listed here(link to review/home page) are the best companies to use to help you get your social media presence of the ground!

Resolution #1 – Accounts with less than 500 followers, should purchase followers from one of the provided sites.

Who do you trust more?

Business A:


Business B:

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The crazy part? With top sellers, it only costs $500 to $1,000 to get to 625k followers!

Why Buy Followers?

The answer is simple – the more followers you have, the more customers you reach. The more customers you reach, the more money you make.

The Power is in the Numbers

As someone is searching for you or your industry, they might come across your account and see that you have only a few followers but your content is great. Good news, your half-way there. Bad news, they end up not clicking that holy “follow” button because they don’t know if they can trust you. But, if you had purchased 10,000+ followers, they wouldn’t think twice. Why is that? It’s because that person feels more comfortable trusting something that a larger group of peers has already tagged as “reliable.”

Buying followers on Twitter is the easiest way to reduce the amount of time it takes to grow your voice online. The social proof that comes with purchasing followers is 100% real.

If you have grand visions and no patience for success, this is for you. Period.

Problem #2 – Are they real?

When you purchase followers, you are knowingly purchasing followers who are not real people. But, as the market for purchasing followers has grown, the services provided have gotten more advanced. Previously, all you could purchase were “fake”, “dumby” or “egg” accounts that only would follow you and represent a number in your follower-base. They would not actively engage with your account or any account and are easily detectable in Fake Follower Checkers. While these followers are still pervasive, you aren’t stuck with them.

Resolution #2 – Buy from the right sellers!

We cannot emphasize this enough. As discussed previously, fake followers do not actively engage with your content. The best sellers, like Fast Followerz, can provide twitter accounts that actively tweet, retweet, and favorite, not just your account, but also others in the twitter-sphere. Additionally, they offer REAL followers by targeting the markets you want to engage with.


When you buy from the right sellers, you can’t tell the difference between bots and real followers.

Problem #3 – Can I get in trouble purchasing followers?

One of the primary concerns people have when buying followers on Twitter is getting caught. If you’re an account with two million followers and your followers find out that 1.8 million of those followers aren’t real, they might feel duped.

Not only might they unfollow, but the word of deception could quickly spread across the Internet. After all, one of the primary attractions to Twitter is that it gives all users a voice, regardless of the size of the company that they’re running or the amount of money in their bank account. All of the benefits of this practice also have potentially dramatic consequences if users decide to leave en-masse. This is the type of blow to a reputation that even the world’s largest brands would have a difficult time recovering from.

Research has long indicated that buying Twitter followers is common practice to initially strengthen the digital presence of your brand. For example, during an examination of the Twitter page of Barack Obama, it was revealed that almost 70% of his millions of followers were likely purchased. While his opponents attempted to use this against him, it has had no impact on his supporters. Additionally, the way that Twitter and identifies whether a user has purchased followers is to look at their followers and see how “active” they are. As we mentioned before, the companies that we have suggested have already found alternative work arounds to this and you have nothing to worry about.

Resolution #3 – Buy from the wrong seller, your risk is high. Buy from the right place, the risk is essentially zero.

As we mentioned before, the technology has adapted to this and companies now offer accounts that do not look fake and actively engage in the twitter-sphere. The simplest piece of advice we can give is this: Buy from professionals. In our reviews, we’ve analyzed the best sellers in the business so that you can buy followers to accelerate growth without having to worry about your privacy.

Problem #4 – The Fear of Getting Scammed

Another concern that many people have when buying Twitter followers is a fear of getting scammed. Because purchasing followers isn’t necessarily how the site was designed to operate, the whole enterprise has an air of deception about it that comes naturally. All it takes is a quick Google search to reveal hundreds of sites and services willing to let you or your brand purchase large numbers of followers for low prices.

How do you find out if one of these services is actually legitimate? Even if the entrepreneur in question doesn’t “take the money and run,” how do you know up front that they’ll be able to deliver on exactly what they say that they can? How do you know that they’ll take a promise of one million followers, deliver one thousand and disappear, never to be heard from again? What if you get the followers but the only last for a day?

Resolution #4 – Chose professional, established company and make sure that organization offers 100% money back guarantees and high quality customer support

In many ways, buying Twitter followers is a lot like buying a car. You would never walk into a sketchy-looking dealership filled with poorly maintained automobiles and expect to drive out with the best car that you’ve ever purchased. If a company has 24/7 Phone Support, you can bet they’re the real deal. On the other hand, if a company’s customer support is a gmail account, you may want to keep looking.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.06.54 PM

Fast Followerz includes 24/7 Support, Privacy Protection, and more. Make sure whoever you buy from offers similar guarantees.

They should be able to prove up front that they can do what they claim. We’ve had no issues with any of the sellers we’ve purchased from and reviewed on this site.

One final note:

With this power, comes some important considerations: No matter how successful you are, if you’re running a bad business, your success will be temporary and inherently unfulfilling. History has shown time and time again that quality companies are the ones that succeed in the long haul. We highly recommend you use this tool to help CREATE value. At the end of the day, anything else is a waste of time.